An original  unifying theory of human evolutionary psychology

                                                              Coke R. Smith

Over 15 years ago, reflecting on the origin, persistence and universality of religious sin,   
a straightforward solution appeared to explain this, and on further consideration, other
characteristic human behaviors.  An overlooked general explanation to the puzzle of
human behavior seemed more satisfactory than  the contemporary science of  linear
non-evolutionary proposals.

Yet a number of elements of this solution lacked contemporary support or consensus.  
Indeed, critical premises were being actively repudiated in academic forums.  A
presentation seemed premature.

Over the interim, evolutionary science has advanced and mainstream human behavioral
discussions have developed a more stable evolutionary confidence.  Affirmatively, the
following proposal has retained its explanatory power throughout diverse
multidisciplinary debates in an expanding science and in the notable absence of an
adequate  alternate explanation.

This evolutionary theory of characteristic human behavior, Identity Theory, is entirely original and
antedates all cited evolutionary psychology references.

Coke R. Smith

A Unifying Theory of Evolutionary Psychology